Pallet container matching method
2019-04-19 12:00:00

1, the size of the stack

Size overlap is the simplest method of pallet matching, and it is also the most common, but the effect is also very significant. No matter which material of the dish tray, the overlap can enhance the layering of the dishes.

2, square with

The square circle is also a common collocation method. The square diamond angle is clearly matched with the round roundness, which instantly enhances the three-dimensional sense of the whole dish.

3, long side with

The rectangular fit is another common collocation method. The long tray provides enough space for the square utensils, and the overall three-dimensional effect of the dishes is stronger.

4, color matching

The color matching between the tray and the utensils is also very particular, or the same color, or matching colors (such as red and black, blue and white, etc.), it should be noted that the color gloss of the two can not be too different, otherwise it will There is a sense of incompatibility.

5, material matching

As shown above, the fragrant simmered dish is placed in a thick stone pot, with a deep solid wood tray, showing the simplicity of the atmosphere.