How to choose the right tray?
2019-04-18 12:00:00

According to the material and purpose, the restaurant tray can be divided into the following four types:

plastic tray

Advantages: Safe and environmentally friendly, low cost and numerous colors.

Disadvantages: The color is single and there is a sense of cheapness.

Applicable restaurant: Chain fast food restaurant.

The plastic tray is the most common type of tray in the restaurant. It has the lowest cost, high practicality, and more colors    and bright colors, but it will give the diners a cheap feeling. If it is paired with the same color of the dishes, the    lifting effect is also quite significant, suitable for chain restaurants.

solid wood pallet

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Benefits: Forced high, the lifting effect is significant.

Disadvantages: It is susceptible to moisture, insects, and is not easy to store.

Applicable restaurant: Fast fashion, small and beautiful restaurant.

The solid wood tray is simple and generous, and the cost is low, which can give the diners a natural and heavy perception,    which has a significant effect on improving the overall temperament of the restaurant. However, solid wood pallets are    prone to moisture and are not easy to store. Solid wood trays with solid wood dishes work best, and are also suitable    for use with ceramic dishes, suitable for fast fashion and small and beautiful restaurants.

Bone Porcelain Tray

Advantages: Elegant, highlighting the temperament of the restaurant.

Disadvantages: High cost and fragile.

Applicable restaurants: Mid- to high-end hotel restaurants, high-end banquets.

At the dinner of the G20 summit in Hangzhou last year, a set of Hangzhou landscape dishes was amazing, including the bone    china dish tray. The bone china plate is elegant and white, which can focus the diners' attention on the food itself,    and it can also highlight the temperament of the restaurant. Because the bone china dish tray is costly and fragile,    it is only suitable for medium and high-end food.

ceramic tray

Benefits: Simple, simple.

Disadvantages: Fragile.

Applicable restaurant: Small and beautiful restaurant, private restaurant.

The surface of the ceramic tray and the details of the stoneware are not as delicate as the bone china, there will be black    spots and variegated granules, but it is this natural and simple texture that gives people a warm, comfortable and easy-to-close    feeling. Better to enhance the temperament of the dishes. The cost of ceramics is lower than that of bone china, which    is suitable for small and beautiful restaurants and private kitchens.

Special tray

Benefits: Classical elegance that maximizes the sophistication of the dish.

Disadvantages: High cost and single use.

Applicable restaurant: High-end banquet, high-end hotel restaurant.

The special tray refers to the tray used with the tray holder. Because it is used with this fixed beauty device, it is more    versatile. This tray is often made of precious solid wood carving, which is extremely expensive, but with the right utensils,    The overall visual perception often gives the diners a sense of shock. Due to the high cost, this tray is only suitable    for high-end dining.