Choose the dish on the tray and easily upgrade the restaurant menu!
2019-04-18 12:00:00

When it comes to upgrading the restaurant, from the decoration style of the restaurant to the setting of the dishes, the catering people have their own methods. However, there are many restaurants that tend to ignore an important supporting role - the tray. If the delicate dishes can be matched with the appropriate trays when serving, it can also highlight the "identity status" of the dishes. Today, we should talk to you about the restaurant. What tray to use for reference.

The importance of the tray

Yuan Mei, the author of "The Garden Food List", sighed: "The ancient poetry cloud: 'Gourmet is not as good as the American,' and the language is also." And said that after the dishes are out of the pot, the bowl should be used, the tray It is necessary to use the plate, "Fried and fried, the soup is suitable for the bowl, the wrong way, the square color", is a refined summary of the relationship between food, beauty, and beauty.

However, many restaurants only look at dishes, plates and dishes, and think that the three will have a full effect. In fact, if the tray is included, the overall effect will be better, and it can even be said that it has improved a grade.

As shown below:

The picture on the left is a dish, and the picture on the right shows a large-sized tray under the dish. Obviously, the contrast between the two is higher and the overall look is better. This is the visual effect that the tray can enhance the product.

If the beautiful dish is a flower, then the bottom tray is the green leaf that sets off the flowers. A suitable wobble plate can often enhance the overall look of the dish, while an inappropriate wobble plate will reduce the look and feel. Imagine what it would feel like when the Michelin dish is served on a dark plastic tray. Yes, the brain will unconsciously produce a thought: Did I enter a fake Michelin restaurant?

A suitable tray adds a look and feel to the dish.